Frequently Asked Questions 

1. What happens to my stall fee, if there are wet weather conditions?

  • Festivals are on regardless, without possibility of refunds.

  • Monthly markets are on rain, hail, or shine.

2. Do I require public liability insurance?

  • Yes, you require public liability insurance.

  • Please note: The local council, Festival committees and D&L Stephens Enterprises Pty. Ltd. will not cover damage to your stock or structures, or damage your stock or structures may cause to other people or property.

3. Can I cancel my booking and get a refund of my stall fee?

  • Yes, before 21 days of the event less a 10% management fee

4. When can I set up my stall on the day of the event?

  • For Monthly Markets from 7.00am until 8.15am. You must occupy your site by 8.30am.

  • For the Festivals you may set up the day before the commencement of the festival, but at your own risk.

  • For Eurofest set-up time on the day of the festival is from 5.00am until 8.30am.

  • For Narrabeen Lakes Festival set-up time on the day of the festival is from 7.00am until 8.15am.

5. What are the requirements for me to set up a food stall?

  • You must comply with Council regulations for a Temporary Food stall.

  • You must be registered with the New South Wales government Food Notify website.

  • You must have a current Food Supervisor's certificate.

6. Do I need to take my rubbish away?

  • Yes and you should leave your stall space clean and tidy.